Seeking a Passage

Life forced you in, I had no say as it brought crashing down
the walls I worked so hard to forge. Love had left my heart,
chained it shut, isolating me to my own vague memories,
my warped opinions, dreams. But all you gave me was one touch,
and my heart was once again exposed. A bond was apparent,
a friendship found roots; however, roots only buried so deep.
Something is missing:like a flower blocked from the sun,
our incipient growth is delayed by the barriers so quickly constructed
in your heart, with the assistance of a former admirer, and Love's spite within.
I am tirelessly working, attempting to break through,
if only with a hand, so you can feel my meager touch, recognize-
if even in the slightest-the love I might offer, the pain I can assuage.
If progress has been made, only the cruel irony of time will tell.
What are we destined to be:good friends, strangers? An idea?
Or forever, just a question? Time has again stolen the answer,
mocking our hearts. Of one thing of which I can be certain though-
I will not give up, not until I find my answer, for which I am
desperately striving to earn. (Now I question what love has become
since my last encounter. A reward? No. Maybe I have merely found
an imposter.or possibly, just a test.) If the misbegotten Fate has derived for us
separate paths, and that bastard, Love, has denied the connection
of our two hearts, two souls, I am prepared to accept it.
But until I can be certain, I will continue to feed the fire,
the fight, pursuing the passage to your affection.
While the answer may be unclear,
I only hope for permission to ask the question.

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