Seeking Depth

All this running around in my brain , I can't keep sane , trying to hide these tears by the rain
Always love talking to myself, because I can't hide behind life
You come, you go, I don't know what to say, think or feel
Things are becoming more and more real every day
I will wash it a way , making sure you don't become a stray
People turn there heads and glare
It really isn't fair , no not fair
Walking the streets with no name , bring me no pain
The streets with no names can't play your silly games
You may same I'm lame, but you aren't quite so different yourself
Contemplating the rest while I sit in this mess
As the days go by , I think of you less and less
You caused me so much distress and heartache
I think I heart my heart shake
Your voice trembles inside me
Your abuse defined me.
One last time , I'm not gonna rhyme to you again
The bargaining and terrorizing will not make me fall but all I can do is call out to you
The shadows of darkness cast a spell over my sanity
I used to like vanity but now I'm done with our crazy society.

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