Seeking the moon

Have you ever stood
at the edge of the ocean
In the dark

It’s a feeling you don’t forget
Standing there
With nothing
but the ocean
Your toes sinking into the sand

It’s almost enough
It’s almost what you need
To stop feeling whatever it is
That you’re feeling

But it isn’t
And so
You step into the ocean

You’re fully clothed
It’s 2 am
The waves are crashing at your ankles
You keep walking
Deeper and deeper into the ocean

You close your eyes
The water is at your knees
Your jeans are drenched
And full of sand
The waves are pushing you back
And pulling you in
At the same time

You feel surreal
At peace
This is where you belong - you think to yourself
You take a deep breath
Your lungs fill with the ocean air
You can feel the tide getting stronger
As you slowly move each leg forward

You open your eyes
And you realize
You’re to your waist in ocean water
You look around
Is anyone watching - you think to yourself

No one is watching
You’re alone
It’s just you
And the moon

You could keep drifting into the ocean
And no one would notice
But you stop yourself
Why - you ask yourself
It isn’t time yet
It is not your turn

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about the night i found myself at the beach.