Seeking Validation

Oh, what life would be if everything was just effortless?
Alas, that's not the way life works.
Why must I pour countless hours into something and have nobody see it?
Why must whenever I make progress, I can never seem to be happy?
Why must I always strive to reach heights higher than space?
It makes no sense!

Yet it's the life I chose to live, so why am I complaining?
Suck it up, it's you're fault.
"You're naturally good. Why are you still trying?"
Well, maybe I'm not satisfied with myself.

What a life it would be if I were.
I would sing or dance with no trouble.
I would finally be able to breathe.
Such a shame that I can only dream.

Even though I work twice as hard, nobody bats an eye.
Please, at least tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Am I just not enough for you?
I sold my soul for all of you.


That's all I ever want and all I ever need.
Just give me a sign I'm making progress.
Silence fills the air.
Alright, I suppose that's what I get.
It's my fault for caring so much in the first place.
It's my fault for not being happy with what I've had.

We're told to follow our dreams. . . So is what I'm doing my fault?
I've lost sight of why I want to improve.
Please, someone, give me the validation I want to get back on track.
I'm growing tired and I fear I may give up.
. . .
Still nothing?

I guess it's not worth self-improvement.
It's not worth those countless hours that I've wasted.
Only to come second to someone who doesn't try.
How silly it is to believe that trying hard gets you somewhere.

Oh, what's this?
Do you finally notice something's wrong?
It's too late.
I've sacrificed everything for my goals.
It takes more than mere praise to satisfy me.

But. . .

My heart still just wants love, so maybe. . .

Just maybe. . .

If I take a break, will I get the validation I deserve?

Are you one of those who don't understand that even talented people need to improve?
How annoying.
Here I thought that I would get the validation I finally wanted.
Oh well.
I guess some things aren't meant for me.

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