“Seemingly Malevolent”

‘Die a hero,
Or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’
Often times I wonder: When did I become the villain?
I always tried my hardest
To be the person you deserved
And my heart felt heavy every time
You turned away, reserved
I made my attempts, again and again
All to make you smile
But then I found my hopeful message
Misconstrued to something vile
And in these blues I wonder aloud
How can you weep, once so proud?
Pride is lost, for love is afoot
And deep in my heart does it drop its root
Helpless I am, to this tide of feeling
Pitiful me, my strength is sent reeling
And in the confusion, I’m under the illusion
That dreams can come true, eventually
But these words of ice will more than suffice
To make a boy’s mind spin tempestuously
Thus, in the despair comes my sad query
Ringing out in the night, desperate and weary
You refuse to hear it, dismiss it as lies
Please, I beg of you, hear my broken cries
When did I become the villain to your eyes?

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