…seeped in my marrow and flesh

....seeped in my marrow and flesh

Can't help thinking about
those days
When you seeped in
my marrow
Those lovely hurts even in
my flesh:
You innocently arrived with
lovely trends
feeding me with ease and
Elating junks

But like a wind you
Blew strange
As if drunk in pride
and Guts
Breaking off the wall your
love built.
Barging into my heart
and soul
stealing away love,care
and joy
Even all that could make
me hope.

You made me seem as
A fool
You took my love as
A food
You consumed all without
my consent
And sent my soul wandering
in jungles.

My heart can no
longer contain
The lust poured furiously
into it:
By those brutal eyes
and words
That pierced my soul
like sword
And made it like an
ocean bleed

The ocean is flowing
even still
Needs the cause to
mend it

I'm torn by you:
your acts.
Yet,i'll be sown by you:
true love.

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When one that hurts you is same person you can't leave.