Self Acceptance

The masks we have to put on for everyone to see.
If only they could see me for what's really underneath.
My life feels empty without feeling.
Why do I live this life with so much dreary?
Is the answer me?
Am I the reason for all this madness?
The answer is yes, but it doesn't always have to be like this.
Smile through the hard times, but why?
Why not show people what we truly feel inside?
If you feel sad then weep.
If you feel happy then leap for joy
as the moment may fade in a matter of noise.
Express the truth so the minds of the surrounding
can comfort your loss of loved ones or time.
We've all done things that we regret,
but why dwell in the past
when we can strive to make a better future for them yet.
I know I am a speck in this existence
and furthermore hold no contempt for such bitterness.
I find myself on this road to reassurance,
but that's not how my story goes.
Now this, this is my self acceptance.

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