Self-Built Prison

The mountains I built only left me bored
So I act in the trenches on my own accord
Playing the roles of the lethargic ghost and poet,
The pseudo-philosophical hack, the stoic
In my own feature film, I play the pitiful villain
In the eyes of God, gambling my forgiveness
While I dream a dance on a forsaken stage
Until all that's left of my flesh is unfounded rage

And my plane will crash into the ocean
Green and blue, lifeless, polluted
I'll sink and sink then swim then sink
As my fears swell until the point of extinction
And the sky cracks open, a symphony
With love requited, a reason to breathe
But the only thing free I'm offered
Is a can of pop diluted with sympathy

The tide draws in, but swiftly hides away
It inhales, exhales, as I try to annihilate
Every memory that celebrates upon my grave
Yet all I can do in my tomb, so cold
Is unfold a story a thousand times told
As I hoard all the love that was never mine
Buried so deep in the ocean, yet still deathly dry
Within this self-built prison- a hoax, my crime

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