Self confession

You have spoiled me
Your word toward me have spoiled me
For your word have created hung-over in my life
Those words have impacted on me
For you have spoiled me
Why calling me at night times?
I wonder why my dear.

Your word have encouraging me a lot
As I have learned that you are a good person like me
But I wonder why you hidden those words
For you have hidden those things for me
Why invited me to your place
I wonder why my dear

Your accept those words
You have spoiled my invitation
Why invited me to your inner being
I wonder how and why my dear

Thank you for let me explore you fully
You have spoiled my names
For you have accept all what I demand from you
But I realize that you had things that are hidden for me

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This Poems Story

This poem remind people that when we do something we do not see the negative of it but we end up blaming others and we should blame ourselves too. However, it is good to recognizing our mistake. it challenge us to be careful in what we do in live