Self-destructing Voyage of life

Self-destructing Voyage of life

Born into the voyage of a village road,
And being a voyager long I stood.
Till I break through the brink of teenagehood,
Where I searched for comfort in my livelihood,
Till all wealth runs out of my comfort life;

Nourished under the love of parents so dear,
Forgot the struggle of my life so dear,
Stubbornness drives me to the darkest peers.
Where I found comfort under the burning bridge,
While life was melting down the sliding ridge;

Gambled for the short-lived comfort dip,
Disregarding downfalls to the darkest pit,
Every drop of drugs in my fragile veins so deep
Stopped me from stepping out to the sober days
Till I saw beauty through the narrow streets;

Where the beautiful families roam the streets so sweet,
Thought I was late for the destination so steep
But my heart beats longing for a better self
Urging that it’s never too late for a better day,
For the voyage of life is beautiful in its natural state.

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