Self Destruction

Deep within the Universe, lies our homely blue sphere,
it seems to of been handed a curse, that’s why aliens don’t come here,
with a future that’s uncertain, unending deforestation,
combined with acid rain, across each and every nation,
as the trees are felled, once tall, majestic and cherished,
“ TIMBER “ the logger yelled, the splendid tree had now perished,
another forest died, polluted and poisoned air,
it makes me sad, oh how i cried, it’s so unfair,
why we are destroying our earth, the only home we know,
mother nature decimated from the time of it’s birth,
since the world was new, and the pace was slow,
it won’t be long 'till it’s dead, the oceans will no longer be blue,
as world pollution rears its ugly head, animals no longer roam the land,
that people once tried to save, creatures once so proud and grand,
the planet now a lonely grave, no one gives a damn,
can’t you tell, that’s why animals are better than man,
welcome to earth, welcome to hell, toxins dumped in our rivers,
radiation despoils the atmosphere, cancerous cells destroy our livers,
It’s a lovely place here!

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    This Poems Story

    Man's efforts to destroy this beautiful planet of ours.