Self Love~

They say you don’t need anybody, so I danced alone
In green eyes and some magic, I found a home
Traveled the depths, of a creative mind
Found beauty in every, molecule I did find
Cried oceans of pain, found strength in every tear
Walked with my shadow, hand in hand with my fear
Confessed my love, to the imperfection
Said i love you, to my reflection
Slept with regret, in a bed that I made
Healed myself inside out, without a single bandaid
Froze my middle finger on the but- ton of re-wind
Calmed the storm, of an overthinking mind
Let my love light the way, of depressions cave
Swam through the depths, surfed every wave
Basked in the guilt, of my own decisions
I got real scared of, my precognitions
Stirred the pot to collective commotion
The base of my broth, impulsive emotion
Spent my nights singing, where did it go wrong
Blamed them and then me, and both lists were long
Forgiveness without an apology, apologies to no forgive
They say you live you learn, turns out I learn, I live
I confess my love to the imperfection
Say I love you to my reflection

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