Self Love & Expression

I wasn't that smart when you first told me that you loved me //
But I was smart enough to love myself more //
I wasn't that in love with you when you broke my heart (for the first time) //
But I was less in love with myself //
I wasn't that sad once I finally moved on //
But I wasn't as happy as I used to be //
Your words broke me //
I wasn't that desperate to be happy //
But somehow happiness what all I desired //
I wasn't that vulnerable (or at least that's what i told myself) //
But I still found myself searching for someone to convince me that I was the complete opposite of how I felt about myself //
I wasn't that in love with myself for months (that somehow turned into a couple years) //
But I stayed strong //
I wasn't that happy whenever I look in the mirror //
But I stared a little longer //
I wasn't that changed by you (is what I told myself) //
But I sat there for 2 years trying to figure out how all of this happened //
I wasn't that sad anymore //
But at times your words would still cross my mind //
I am not scared or sad anymore //
Because i see myself as my own person //
Not your opinion of me //
I am more in love with myself now

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