People pass and leave you wondering,
your left to deal with the pain,
but later everyone says there in a better place,
we can be selfish, loving, leaving, getting over it can be hard,
but people still pass and come,
and were still selfish

we are controlling but when we can't control we watch,
not with love but anger, because we are selfish,
we want everything, but we only need one percent of what we want
somebody could sacrifice their life for you and you still wouldn't be satisfied
could we change yes but would we completely change no,
cause were still selfish

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This Poems Story

I lost somebody my basketball coach and I spent my time crying, when I should have been honoring him. I was selfish, and am I still selfish yes, but not as much as I used. What I am saying is we as humans are selfish, but we can change. We can't completely change, but you can.