You’re failing most of your classes, so it’d be wrong to brag
Bragging is what you would see it as anyway
In truth I’d simply like to tell you how happy I am
But that too, you would only see as bragging
Because you are so uncontent, unhappy, and uncertain right now.
I understand. So I peddle backwards, I try to tell you of my suffering
Of this mighty pain that rages inside
But you only tell me you’ve had it worse
You say “Toughen up” “You’re fine” “I go through that all the time”
Maybe I’m being selfish, honestly, I don’t know.
But I know that I would never repeat those words
Not to a stranger, and certainly not to you.
So it hurts when you all tell me the same thing
And I wonder if you’re really that good for me
I wonder if I should really stay.
Because all of the words you say make my sufferings so insignificant
I never tell you to “Toughen up”, I never say that “You’re fine”
I tell you “I’m sorry” “It’ll get better”.
And I ask you if you’re alright.
I understand if you can’t tell me all the words that I want to hear.
But, please. Just stop with the phrases that make my problems seem so
Irrelevant when compared to you.
Because I to am suffering.
Though I’m sure my pain can’t even rival what you’ve been through.
Maybe I’m being selfish.
Maybe you’re being selfish too.

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