Selfish Desires

Ups and downs twists and turns feel the fire as it burns.
Running around with nothing better to do..
Is the fire coming for you?
Scares that are left from burns of the past...
Try to slow down your life moves way to fast..
A race you keep running just to stay out of the heat..
For the fire you can not defeat...
Flames get higher, the smoke is getting thick...
Water won't work so you try a new trick...
Will hell ever leave you alone..?
Or keep burning you to the bone..?
Always forgiving never forgetting,
Scar's of fires you keep setting,
You own flames your own rage,
Your own heartache, your to blame..
If the flames seem to high, then stop
setting fires just to get by...
Feeling the heat, Hell at at your feet..
yet you keep burning with no retreat..
The flames are getting taller, The hotter
you feel..Hell is there your soul it shall steele..
Your flame turns now to molting rock..
There is no time left to even talk..
Burning away in your own flames of greed..
You should have killed that selfish seed...
Now water will never be enough,
When you are stupid you must be tough,
Now you are stuck in a burning despair..
Watching as your flames grow higher and higher..
Due to your uncontrolled selfish desires.....

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This Poems Story

this poem is talking about myself..once an addict..i let it control my life. it made selfish..made me desire things that made my life a reck..uncontrolled desire to get high..and because of i created my own hell and my own personal demon..after getting clean i realized i did it all on my was my own fault i do what i did not anyone else..i blamed everything but myself.and that's where these words come from..a lesson learned