So much distance has grown between us,

no longer is our love the same.

You spent your time selfishly,

then you act as I am to blame.

Too many nights I laid awake,

only to cry myself asleep.

While you stayed out carelessly

I was left, alone, to weep.

My heart grew heavier each time I saw

you silently figuring a plan to go.

Your actions, soon, so predictable,

watching previews again for the same show.

Yet, each time you came back home

it is always for a need;

I welcome you with open arms,

inflating my heart, with the lies you feed.

Repeated behavior is overplayed,

each minute of the story is known.

Mind beginning to recognize,

that, already, I am alone.

You have proven many times

you have no plans to change.

For me to ever think you'll care

is hopes far beyond the range.

I held on to all I had,

begged you to see the road ahead.

Praying you would realize,

yet, you never heard, the words I said.

It is coming closer to the end,

we will go our separate ways.

I will be left inside brokenhearted

and yet you, will go on, never phased.

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