Selfish Sparrow

No secrets left to give at the brink of fate's call,
will you follow or even catch me when I have begun to fall?

"Time tells all" are wise words, but are the hardest to fathom,
when all that you had and lost feels anything but random.

I have tried to be wise, and not give my heart as whimsy,
but with out the one I gave it to my world has fallen dizzy.

Drunk with the solemn hopes and dreams for tomorrow,
I'm sobered by the truth of loss, so falling back to sorrow.

I can not know what time will bring to remove me from this strange,
but a sparrow only hopes to fly with her love through a wider range.

Like the selfish sparrow, only giving one her heart,
I've only given one mine, as devotion from the start.

Girls dream of fairy tale love though it is all the same,
I'm trying to find my tale again in hopes it hasn't changed.

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