Selfless Path

I first contemplated, the Scriptures of the Bible,
Embrace the Surah of the Koran, saw they were idol.
considered the words of the Torah, the writings of Confucius,
Verses from the Lama, the path of the Buddha.

I studied the Upanishads, along with the Vedas,
read poems by Kabir, saw the light of the Siddhas.
Sat in Temples above mountains, Ashrams beneath hills,
Churches deep in the South, Tombs yet to be build.

I saw the way of the Tao, the Emptiness of things,
The confusion in Duality, what Singleness brings.
construction of Religions, and why their Message never cling!
Stages of the Dogma, the Gospel that they Sing.

So I search for the Highest Truth, beyond the contraction of Mind.
went Seven Level's within my Being, saw the Space without TIME!
Sat in a state of Meditation, the highest of kind,
came to the Absolute Realization, I'AM, what I've been searching to Find!

I'm GOD that Exist within ME as ME!!!

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