Sending Out Flares

Sometimes it happens when no one is there.
I stand alone, looking for someone anywhere.
Strangers surround me, keeping their distance,
All I want is someone acknowledging my existence.
Never feeling so alone but no one cares,
I look for guidance but I just get stares.
When I break so much but never mend,
Everyone sees a smile I have to pretend.
People around, though it seems like a cold dark room.
I just need out of this trapping tomb.
To find someone to be my light,
To gaze upon someone in my sight.
I look in the sky and see a flare,
At the greatest of times, someone is there.
It could be the one to get me on my feet,
Or they see me panting, and pull out a seat.
When you're tired of climbing the endless stairs,
Just remember someone's out there, sending out flares.

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