Nobody to ask nobody to care,
A complete sphere of ignorance and disgrace;
No power to cry no power to laugh,
A store of moments in a silent dark phase.

Peer gossips gossiped upon,
Grief being so suppressed;
Trying to chill, often mocked upon,
Happiness left unexpressed.

Ultimately, fate does convert,
The inner grief and applaud;
Into the sole space of silence,
Feelings veiled for no odd.

Heavenly were those days,
Wound in ethics tender threads;
With beads of some naughtiness,
And hooks to limit a wandering pace.

The days passed the time,
Now lay a few years ahead;
To hope, worship and pray,
Is what they do and say!

They live in frozen memories,
Jolly and sweet;
Unlike the harsh present,
They could curse down their feet!

But they won't, they simply won't,
For kind hearts know to bless;
In spite of the storm of outbursts,
They avoid the mind mess!

Thin figure and facial creases,
Denote experience and trouble;
That made them so sturdy,
In their brisk youth now null!

Oh, my beloved readers!
Engaged are you in progress;
Of yours and only yours,
That all will be in vain someday!

How much will you travel far?
Alone sans worthy words;
Of great gold of the past,
You fumbling over little pebbles!

Huge rocks and danger fire,
Are all ahead along the way;
The moment when you are helmed in,
Will recall you of your sin till then!

And it is the disregard,
Along with the insult you did;
To the great wisdom of the past,
A huge mistake it is indeed.

Gold is the old folklore,
So are we turning into rust?
Cause the value that they own,
Is not being back to them as must!

Love, respect and gratitude,
Is what they deserve from us;
Pillars of our build today,
Is what they created long before.

Lucky are those,
Who got their owns '
Do value and befriend them,
For they are the true gem !

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