Sensational Glow

Loving you in the greatest way I could
Would be the greatest triumph any man could ever achieve
Believing in my heart that you are the one for me
God willing, when the time is right
I hope to proceed with bended knee
Learning that cherishing your entirety
Will cater to your every need
Exhibiting essences of excellence
You deserve consistent love and affection
Breaths of fresh air appear every time you're near
Expressing a genuine comfort
Gently massaging your heart
As your mind becomes clear
Fear and doubt begin to deteriorate
Allow me to bring forth my greatest trait
My passion for you is a pure combination
Of communication, consistency, respect, and honesty
Honestly, you are the spitting image of an angel
I saw through a dream I had years ago
Years pass by
Your beauty has grown
And because true feelings are shown
I can only see your sensational glow

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