Feeling, touching, kissing and hugging yet so far
our distance like a reachable star.
Having all those sensations feeling so crisp
chilling sensations when kissing those lips.
Sensations I cease with a delightful breath
the beating pulse sets my love to rest.
I enter a thought and always see
the sensations of comfort you're giving to me.
Feeling you close in thought and mind
sensations I thought I would never find.
You give me what I want like a wild ride of thrills
those sensations are awesome giving me chills.
As these sensations are fresh and new
a heavenly love I feel for you.

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This Poems Story

Terry has written hundreds of love and inspirational poems since childhood. He has mastered the body, mind and spirit through meditation. Change led to the findings of prayer. Thanks to the Lord, he has found the most aspiring woman that has helped him to open his spiritual drive to write again. Success comes and is reachable if you grab for it.