Sense of Love

Destroy me from head to toe
Scream into my ear until it's the last thing I can hear
Run your fingers up and down my spine
Up and down
Up and down
Until you aren't just gently gliding your fingers across my back
You are now carving your touch
Into my skin until it's the last thing I can feel
Force me to look at your beautiful
Yet destructive soul until it's the last thing I can see
Let your scent suffocate my sense of smell until I can't smell any more
Kiss me with your lips that taste like cigarettes and mint gum
That suck me in like a black hole until I can't taste anything else
Stick your green thumb into my skull
And let weeds grow in my head
Let them turn to vines because what are a weed's purpose
If they can't turn to vine,
And suffocate any living thing like a boa constrictor
Squeezing the breath from its prey
All because he doesn't have the power of poison but you,
You poison me with your sweet words and your emotionless eyes
It's the worst poison to exist
It's an addiction
And I can't get enough of it
It's destroying my very soul
You are destroying my very soul
And I can't help but love it
I can't help but be in love with you

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