Sense of Self

You’re beautiful
Did you forget?
I know I did
The flowers bloom in your direction
Are you sure you’re not the Sun?
Looking so far into yourself, you’ve gone blind
You can’t even remember your name
You don’t feel you have a place
You feel out of your mind
Like you were left broken and mindless
You demand, “Myself I need to find!”
What is my name again?
Who am I today?
Where did I come from before all this?
Where do I see myself going?
Can I be gutless?
Am I even really still a human anymore?
I just can’t fucking tell!
I’ve always resisted my existence
Thought about being someone else in every instance
Developing a sense of doubt instead of my sense of self
I mean who am I to have my own definition of success?
Breaking this mold is a wonderfully enjoyable torture
It’s pain you can’t live without
It’s disappearing to come back
It’s telling self-doubt to hit the road jack
It goes away as you turn into survival mode
With a small grasp on life, you go into a deep meditation
There you find a World where we’re all actually worthy

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