Senseless Fear

It was a dark night, a rainy dark night
Filled with visions, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes.
The ghosts and goblins were real, oh so real. I saw them.
All smiling eerily at me.
I could hear them walking on the cobbled street,
The wet street, wet with the cold, cold rain.
I could smell their cold and contemptuous personas
So real, that I could touch them
Touch their cold dank, dark, dismal bodies
But it was with fear; fear I cried?
Tears ran down my face and small drops slid into my dry mouth.
Why, why were they afraid? Of me?
No, I was afraid of them
Afraid of their sense of fear, which I could see
Which I could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.
No no, I feared them
Perhaps if I love them, they will love me back.
I stopped and turned slowly,
Heart pounding louder than the unrelenting, blinding rain,
They stop, too.
Seconds turned to hours as we stare at each other.
And we smile.
That was it.

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