I hear the wind's furious roar
So loud that I cannot ignore.
Like an eagle's screech the pain sinks in,
leaving my ear desolate within.

Natural incense accosts my nose,
In unending scented tidal flows.
As I ascend, their sweet fragrance drifts away,
Until the nose too, loses its way.

The mute unscented wind enters my throat.
As I scream, its icy tendrils freeze within my moat.
Instead of the crispy icy-taste,
the wind ridden flakes become a senseless waste.

As I plummet coldness bathes the skin.
Damp snow covers me from head to shin.
A tingling sensation flares through me,
luring me to numbing amnesty.

All that is left is the sight of the trees flying by.
My vision blurs despite whatever I try.
All that I see becomes opaque,
Leaving me in a deep black wake.

Here I am approaching the end,
while dreading the life I tried to mend.
At last! Relief from the pangs of life!
At last! Relief from life's endless strife!

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This Poems Story

This was a poem I wrote back in college at St. Mary's College of Moraga, California, in 1998. I was born and raised in Oakland, California. I have spent many years reading fantasy and science fiction novels. I have also written three feature-length screenplays, two short screen plays and I am dabbling in my own fantasy novel. Shakespeare, Baron, and Tennyson were mainly the writers who influenced this poem. Their crisp rhyme and prismatic verse made my college days euphoric. Now, I hope to make your days as blessed as mine while you read these wonderful poems, written by the future sages of the literary prose.