Sentiment of the Soul

This heart is in pain! This soul is in a constant suffering from the many wounds the world has caused but won’t heal.

This life keeps on repeating the same circle in a world so tiny and a life so complex.

This humanity keeps on thinking the world belongs to them and the anesthetic to pain is the indifference they show as they act as if they don’t care.

This soul is torn apart, in a world that lost its hope and a heart that lost its will to love

This spirit keeps on feeling divided between the brokenness of the heart and the hope of reconciliation the soul seeks

This human being divided between heaven and earth, sharing pain and falling in love, one that revolves in the feelings that seeks love and the ones that seek to destroy the ones that cause the hurt.

This oneness that seeks unity, this brokenness that seeks healing and this sentiment that seeks to overcome the pain it feels inside.

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The sentiment of the soul reflect the feeling of the world the human race as one.