Separate but equal

Separate but equal?
I whisper to myself
Separate but equal
I wondered what else

Separate but equal
I’ve heard of no such thing
Separate but equal
Why are the colored kids not on the train?

Just before sun rise, I see them walking in the snow
With trembling lips, the next arm grips
Preparing for the cold embrace, wet tears covers their face
“Where are they going mom? Shouldn’t we help?”
But simply, she shakes her head, no.

I don’t understand, it seems so unfair
Are they not allowed to go to school?
Why haven’t I seen them in class,
Is it because of their hair?

Separate but equal
My teachers force me write
Separate but equal
“remember you are white!”

Sadness now replaced with relief
As colored kids leaving their school fill the streets.
I see a group in my bathroom at the park,
I tell the boys, your skin is too dark.

Separate but equal!
I express with joy
Separate but equal
Fell the faces of Negro boys.

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