September 11

It was September 11
Not knowing what was near,
Two hijacked planes flew in the twin towers causing guite a fear.

It immediately became clear
that America was under attack.
Our president sent soldiers
to take our Land back.

The hijackers were Islamic terrorists
from Arab nations.
Reportedly financed by the al Qaeda terrorist organization.

You'd think the worst was over
But it has just begun
For there was another plane
That's the 3rd one.

Everyone was wondering
what would happen next
Passengers sending
What would be their last text.

And as the plane decended on
It became more clear
it was headed towards the pentagon
To attack Americans here.

At 9:45 am it happened again
Jet fuel from the Boeing 757 caused a devastating inferno
in the devastating wind.

A 4th plane was highjacked
With a bunch of brave souls
They tried to cause a diversion
But the plane just rolls.

Into a field in sumerset County
Pennsylvania that is
All crew and all passengers
Rest in peace.

The world was in mourning
The people all scorning
About the devastation
That took hold of the nation.

And crippled America
With over 3000 deaths
But beware Islamic terrorists
Our soldiers don't rest..

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