September’s Dead

The dry cold leaves turn brown,
As the chip off the tree and fall down.
Each leaf shows a memory of my past,
Just wondering why life went by so fast.j
Tree's get old as the hang over themselves,
I just don't understand why we do this to ourselves.
I pick up a leaf and it turns into dust,
Sprinkle it on the ground and it becomes Earth's crust.
flash back of a memory pierced my head,
standing in a room watching myself crying on the bed.
Seeing the tears roll down my face like what has he done to me,
But then again it's only a memory.
I flashed back to two years and it's fall again,
Holding his hand wishing it didn't end.
I can see how happy i was, best day of my life,
Then one day i took a knife.
I slit, and slit, and slit, just because he broke my heart,
The flashbacks got worse, everything just fell apart.
I fall to the ground, my head pounding with pain,
I felt like iv'e been hit by an iron train.
I have nothing left to give at all,
He didn't catch me, he just let me fall.
I should have told him I loved him, That would have changed,
It would have brought us to where our lives would have rearranged.
The tree's get older and the branches start to crack,
The leaves start to fall, God I wish i could take it all back.
Back to the day, where we first met,
Back to the day, I would have never forget.
But sometimes every ones needs a break,
Because in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

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