Sequel to Sid & Nancy Poem

Title: "This is more than just you and me. This is Ecstasy"

I'm bleeding with raw emotion in the form of your sheets
how a passion so sour can leave me feeling so sweet
this could be the thing we're living, no, dying for
crawling on the bathroom floor
she's crying and I've already slit my wrists twice
Her eyes on my scars, we're Jupiter and Mars
sucking cyanide-filled air,
we're breathing lust in our despair
And for what?
A cheap thrill making juice glass spills?
Take back your words and I'll take back my art
But I can't promise you we'll ever go back to the start
for I have no more heart
you tore it apart
I tried to stitch up the shards but you messed up my cards
I'll never be the same but neither will you
you are a heroine, my favorite brand of arsenic
tying me upside down, blood red cheeks and I still can't speak
you have control of me no matter how I try to break free
Loving you will be the death of me
Forever lost in misery
Trapped between this pen and paper or a pair of medicinal scissors and gauze
A love this sick doesn't need a cause
Just an alibi, a reason to die
And because we're dwelling on a line so fine,
your heart and soul will always be mine

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