Serenade of memories

When I can’t sleep at night, I pretend to be living
in a parallel universe in which you never left.

In the cracks of the dark, you simmer into my
deepest thoughts and parasitize my memory.

I remember your laughter like a lullaby:
rocking me softly to sleep on the rhythm of raindrops.

I remember how we held hands: I taught you how
to fold your fingers around mine like ivy on a tree.

Cherishing your memory is like nail biting: a bad habit
that I can’t seem to get rid of. It reminds me how much

it still hurts to wake up next to an empty space
that is overcrowded by your absence.

But you are still the moon that flashes my dreams
into daylight, still the falling star upon which
I make my fondest wishes:

in another lifetime, let our souls find each other again
and fall asleep together every night
for the rest of eternity.

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