Serendipitous Moons

Here on our newly tamed planetary home
Settled once from earth mankind didst roam
Bathing beneath twin moons stand I
Basking in the dancing rays which catch my eye
Here mauve freckled cattle mixed with lavender
Provide for our people much provender
Newly discovered minerals provide us wealth
As once strange plants now benefit our health
Fondly my sight seeks out a transplanted owl’s flight
As he seeks new types of rodents with same old plight
Is he as wise as people once claimed?
If so, I could wish we had a trait so famed
We left behind a planet mankind had wrecked
To find a new home less woefully bedecked
Seventeen years my great grandparents didst fly
To reach a new home with a smog free sky
Hardships they met, dangers overcome
Here on Serendipity, our more pristine home
We have built a refuge from our troubled past
Beneath a cloudless sky in a galaxy vast
Behind me a crackle in foliage damp
My lady has deigned to join me from out tented camp
Come my love I say, kissing her reddened cheek
I take her hand knowing she is what I truly seek
Our society is not perfect, for still we are human
But we vowed in this new habitat to be less an intrusion
For her sake as well as our children to come
I swear to protect and preserve this our new home

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Key Words : Planet, science fiction, space travel

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This Poems Story

As a sci fi reader from way back this is an ode to those intrepid pioneers of fantastic fiction braving the unknown depths of space to create a better world.