Serenity Poem

Lately, things have been rough,
And my own advice just isn't enough
So somebody, anybody, whoever's watching over me,
Would you please just grant me the serenity
To accept what I cannot change?
Because page after page my story is filled with rage
And eternal pain that I cannot contain.
Then please give me the courage to
Change the things I can, and so desperately wish to
Because with the pen in my hands,
I want to be the foundation of my own life's plans
Of simplicity, beautiful things that are all new to me.
But please stay true to me
And place wisdom upon thee,
To know the difference between who I once was and who I can be.
To know my future from my past,
So I can discover at last,
That today is a gift
Which is exactly why they call it the present.
From a mortal to a God, or whoever's watching over me,
I ask of only three things from He,
Wisdom, courage, and serenity,

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