Seriously, What's The Big Deal?

Oops was that where you were fixing to sit down?
Because I'm too carefree to see your frown

Were you really going to eat all of that
I'm just saying cause you already look a little fat

I took your last one of this because you can get more
No I don't want my own, it's too far to the store

If this was your place before standing in line
Too bad because you moved slightly now it's mine

Am I inconsiderate of your feelings, well yes
Why should I care, if you look like such a mess

Hard to take you serious you seem to not be all there
And from where I'm standing that's complimentary more than fair

If you want me to be nice to you then heed from my word
You'll be treated in life the way only you have deserved

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    This Poems Story

    I see people so rude all around. This is how to treat back, or so I've found.