Lord, you've always cared and all my burdens you've always bared.
All my situations you took total control, not allowing, Satan to
have my soul. Those cigarettes I smoked I smoke no more. That chain
smoking became a bore. That Sherman I puffed tried to take me out my
mind, youstepped right in and I became wise. You took my bud, Endo,
Chronic and Sess. You said, enough of that stuff, it's time I bless.
Those Premo Joints, and Blunts, no more of that inhale exhale junk.
Those pairs of dice that had me on my knees you said, stand up to
attention, then at ease. And that heroin I shot went into my vain
you came down the Hypodermic needle and my consciousness I gained.
You stopped by the rock house and took my Straight Shooter. Had
mercy on my soul, I'm no longer a user. My alcohol beverage I tried
to swallow down, was covered with your precious blood and in the
sea it drowned. And those pills I popped never got a chance to
burst you said it's in my almighty name you shall trust. you took
away the gang thang talkin bout that color fad, said no more
color lines, here is a belt, my pants no more sag. And the gun
ho thang I had with carry a gat, you said her's the Holy Bible
and these are the facts. You finished me up and took the fowl
words out my mouth, cleansed me up, I have a new destiny, now. I
give you the holy ghost and you'll serve me with honors and by
grace and power vested in me anything you shall conquer.
Hallelujah, I give youthe highest praise. Thanks be to God,
now I'm saved.

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