i could never murmur words
that were flour to your oven
rather i am the bitter cocoa before the batter
baked under a 350 degree heat
where you could pray for my every atom
to melt within yours without fault
so i could scream and snap at you
real synonyms of my thoughts
in which perpetrates your thin strings
like a puppet
as i lead you to the glass dock
walking backwards
and right when you take your cautious steps
on top of your toes,
i push a lever
to drop you in the water
that resembled the dreamful green irises
i floated upon when i got lost,
to drop you in the riptide
knowing how to swim
but the currents pull you in deeper
because the strength of the world
is the size of her mattress
and you are a bedbug.

and i know you can't breathe
but all i will do is watch and palpitate
because i am a serpent
camouflaged in maroon sweaters and combat boots
then i will strip down my skin
and become purple
in the stories i tell my stingray friends.
and you should never tell me you love me
because i am as lovable
as a treasure chest waiting to be found
underneath all the tides
but its gold fades after being worn a couple days,
destructible from my own limbs
with my fingertips resembling the edge of a knife
but i will replenish myself
like a spirit in a blue forest
and you might find me
in the midst of the waking bodies,
and i will ice your warmth
until you feel cold enough
to ask for someone else's touch
but i've locked you in a freezer
where the keys i have duct taped
to your chest
and i am cold.

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