I sit here and talk to you.
Why are you writing things down?
Your walls frighten me.
They say the color yellow is supposed to calm you
I don't feel calm.
Your pictures are wrapped in a white frame
I can see you have a degree in psychology.
You start to write again, Your notepad looks worn out
This room smells like cinnamon.
Why did they put fluorescent lights in your office Dr?
Am I under interrogation?
I like this room.
Your desk has a cup of black pens swimming inside of it.
I bet the ink is blue.
The carpet is a muddy brown, it looks uncomfortable
I don't want to lay on it. Don't make me
I'm Anxious, I'm Tired,
No I don't do drugs, No I don't drink
I'm lying
Can you please help me?
I thought this session would make me better.
Dr. I am an addict, An emotional junkie
I need your guidance
Your Session is Over.

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