Set Free

Set Free
Behind these concrete walls and steel doors, I am free; You may ask, "How can that be?"
There was a time when I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and I did not love me;
I felt unworthy, and a way out is all I could see.
Thus, I thought that I had a new way to cope; As result, from that moment forward, I was bound by the chains of dope.
Every single day, I chased my first high; I was never able to catch it, no matter what my mind convinced me to try.
For years upon years, I stayed lost in that chase; The reality of my self-imprisonment, seemed impossible to face.
My drug addiction, did not wish for me to be set free; My antidote, the truth, it wished to keep a secret from me.
However, the truth was starring me back in every mirror; The revelation of my antidote drew nearer.
God stepped in, and he set me still; The drugs left my system, and a range of emotions, I began to feel.
As time moved on, my mind became clear; The revelation of the ugly truth of the secret was here.
The secret was revealed, and I was able to see; My antidote, was the realization, "THE PROBLEM WAS ME."
All along, I had a hole within my heart; For years upon years, it had kept me torn apart.
By myself, it could not be filled; A foundation upon rock, I needed to build.
I placed my faith in God's hands, and let go of my reservations to use; A foundation based upon God's will, I decided to choose.
With my decision, God helped me to forgive myself; "Self-Love," was no longer just a book title, that I had once seen on a shelf.
The woman that starred me back in the mirror, I began to love; This was truly a gift from heaven above.
I was no longer imprisoned by the insanity of addiction; I was released from my mind's very own conviction.
By the grace of God, I have an internal peace, and I am content with me; I have been set free.

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