Set Free

Have I found this a door before me?
Yet I can't tell where I'm at or where
it's from, but here I am and yes it is as
But? Where is here I yell, and strange as
it seems this voice it answers me,
And I can't hear what all is said, or all
of what it means. Yet now, I'm closer
for it beckons me,with a hissing of my
I open it and I look through. Oh..!
It's a room of fire with a long way down,
with people screaming all around. Then
I look again and, no one is there.

Now all of this is poisoning me! This
case of no return with burn,and Oh! It's
getting just so hard to breath.....

My heart is quickened with fears of
falling through, and I can't quit moving
forward too! And still it beckons me!

NO! I scream in reply for I wish to
live and not to die, but if I fall I'll surely
die forever.
No! never this, it just can't be. That
these, the damned are wanting me?
And so, so specially and only me?!

Flames shoot up with burning hands.
They reach for me I yell again... Oh!
I quiver!
What is this that I have done? That the
God of life has left to shun, this man with
fear of falling in a vast forever?
This loss embedded in my open soul,
now nothing but a gaping hole. And,
these broken times which took there toll
with frozen embers.
So here it is this room of fire left causing
me to loose desire,for simply one more
dire day?!

One last time it calls to me and tells me
it can set me free from all this hell it's
causing me, and I'm wanting to belive.

So. now I know the cries I heard,
it was not their voice which spoke a word
Just a lonely one in me,
Set Free.......

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