Set Me Free

Damp, dark and cold. My bones ache from the discomfort.
Discomfort caused by my eternal imprisonment.
My reality is formed by selfish choices at an early age.
“You are hereby sentenced to life without the possibility of parole”
These horrific words forever echo the caverns of my brain.
Surrounded by damp, dark walls constructed by my defiance.
A defiance that protected me from deep, deep scars of my youth.
The minutes turn to hours, the hours become days and the days fade to years.
Awakened by the tormenting screams, drenched in sweat I weep.
Is this what my future is destined to be. No longer free to roam.

My mind drifts to a special place. A place that is warm, bright and free.
I discover that there is one slim chance that a pardon is possible.
The Warden of this despicable prison has the power to pardon me.
I inquire when I may speak with the Warden to plead my case.
“He will be here in 30 days to listen to your plea for freedom.”
I begin to etch the days into the wall of my damp, dark and cold cell.
Tossing and turning each night, I anticipate the arrival of the Warden.
The days seem like months and the weeks like decades.
Will he ever arrive? Am I worthy of freedom? Will I ever feel the warm of the sun?
My bones and muscles yearn for the warmth of the sun.
The fantasy of smelling fresh cut grass and the scent of new rain overwhelms me.

My eyes open and I spring out of bed, this is the day. He arrives at noon.
Pacing, pacing back and forth. Racking my brain, what will he say?
The distinct sound of brass keys is heard down the long hallway.
I wait eagerly by the door. Time is almost stopped, will my door open?
Finally the steel door opens with the creaking that is etched in my soul.
It is the Warden. I look upon his rigid stature accented by a stern face.
Our eyes finally meet. There is an overwhelming sense of familiarity.
We have never met before. Or have we? Looking deeper into his eyes I exclaim,
“Is it, could it possibly be?” Why yes it is he.
For the Warden is none other than me. Only I hold the key to set myself free.
Set me free from this prison of my own construction.

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