Set Me Free

My distresses have colored me in shades of gray
Cloaked my greatest dream with unwarranted fears
Many have come and gone but none brave enough to stay
Being alone has brought scorching unchallenged tears

Disenchantment has become a friend so true
Expectations of cruel rejections on my trail
Every day an opportunity to look; but not find you
It's a small ship on the seas of bitterness that I sail

I surround myself with vacant people just like me
Hungry, smoldering heat glowing in our eyes
The badge of a sadden heart displayed for all to see
Dysfunction in an unfilled life without ties

I hope for companionship to come ambling along
Makes little matter of the package in which it's wrapped
To this I'll sit and write another scorching love song
Hear me somebody! free my lonely heart from this lonesome trap


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