Setting Sail On A Tear

I Believed we could trace
the outline of our lives
To see where they were intertwined
And to find reasons behind,
all those broken nights
For when we were in love
we were in a lie
We were Trapped inside a foreign coast
Watching you set sail,on a tear,
that hurt me the most

"breathe my dear it will all be over soon,
You'll forget every tear, every beautiful..."

And at last I've reached a familiar shore
To a place that I've dreamed before
But now the sand melts at my feet
I'd give anything to be adrift at sea
Funny how dreams of old memories
Hurt when you wake up from a deep sleep

"breathe my dear it will all be over soon,
You'll forget every tear, and remember every beautiful year
In time you'll find, the remains of me
But for now, hide your heart and just breathe"

Just breathe the words I use to say to you
Breathe every kiss under those skies so blue
Breathe those nights when we were lost in each other
Breathe me in, I'll stay with you forever"

So close we were, to a dream that was once far
And I still believe that we wished upon the same star
Oh,You can't tell me that you weren't afraid!
I was scared to death, even though I was to stay
You can't tell me you weren't afraid!
When you were living on borrowed time...

"just breathe", is all you had to say to me
"just breathe", and a few more words that buried me
I've listened to you, now please listen to me...!

Just breathe
I know I said I'd be strong
But I'd lie if I said I didn't hate this song
Please, just breathe!
Open those beautiful blue eyes
So I can say " you mean the world to me"
Breathe, just breathe!
I know I should learn to just let go
But I want you to know...
You were my dreams, my hope...
please,just breathe

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