Mid night,
When tears roll down the eyes
Your heart aches
You wanna cry at the top of your lungs
The excruciating pain makes you cry out.
And want the world to know how you catastrophe on the war with your own thoughts.
But No!
You chose to be confidential,
Don't relate it to being rational.
At the dilemmatic stage of synapse of your thoughts.
You decide that it's better to endure bad than worse.
Justifying to yourself later in mind,
And chose not to drag your emotions too much.
Because you know that after you get drowned in the tsunami of emotions
Silence shields you....
You wake up with a fake smile to which you are accustomed.
Then, continue with the parallel process of healing and harming one own self.
This modus operandi goes day long, Getting you roller coaster ride of peaks and valves of emotions.
It is hard to pacify when your heart is at war with your mind.
You are given this life
And you know that you have the power to deal with it.
You should acknowledge that the days that breaks you are the days that makes you.

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