A lab coat sits on my chest and makes for my soul
Digging out the broken parts with his scalpel
Scrape scrape scrape scrap– scalp splits

All I see is bright cold porcelain
The only sound an echo
Lub dup lub dup lub dup

Itchy white linens crawl up my neck and scratch at my throat like wolves
Desperate shrieks escape my mouth as whispers
I writhe and tear at my plastic cuffs - fingers bleeding down my cot I brake my back
My wrist twitches

Almost nothing left now
I grope in the blanched darkness for a relic of my days
Outside this mausoleum – this hallowed gory haze
And you

Flesh to flesh

I grab your hand to keep my heart beating
Desperately breathing
in your rhythm
My first sip of life


I drink in your pulse and let it drip down my throat like honey
Warm heavy sweet
Lub dup lub dup lub dup lub dup
I make myself yours with every beat

My swan song – my Sunday hymn
You fill me up
My body wakes with your verse and aches with your chorus

Every cell belting you out
Lub dup lub dup
You and I - timing in time
I wouldn’t dare miss a single note
Your touch ever my life boat

Lub dup lub dup lub dup

If ever you are to silence your symphony so shall my pulse cease

I beg you, if you must go – haunt me
Take me from the inside out

Fill me up until all of my organs float from my mouth – our heart the only exception
Forced from their tissued nest
An immaculate inception

No need - only your song I require

Only your heart strings on mine
Lub dup lub dup lub dup
If ever I cannot be – let us be one

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