Seven Billion

Close your eyes and empathize, recognize your compromise.
You idolize the crucified and circumcise the civilized.
You merchandise, industrialize, and privatize our school supplies.
You hypnotize to maximize, and multiply your enterprise.
Terrorized and traumatized, you'll mobilize the minimized.
You televise and fantasize to visualize this otherwise.
You can't disguise your own demise, that's self indulgent suicide.
So set our difference aside, and let me sneak my creed inside.
Take my sympathy inside you, understand me in regard to
7 billion little children playing your monopoly.
7 billion greedy children, spoiled children, needy children,
Unrewarding competition, keeps them from decomposition.
Passing kids and failing kids, domesticating invalids.
Loyal children, rebel children, appetitive egotism.
7 billion sycophants are living in significance.
7 billion psychopaths, escaping all the aftermath.
7 billion godly children, Christian children,
Muslim children, Jewish children, Hindu children,
Superficial superstition, contradicting contribution,
Stopping all our evolution.
"Lend your open mind to me, I'll give you a lobotomy,
Tuition is a guarantee that I'll supply the sodomy.
Bend your broken heart to me, I'll fill you with my prophecy,
Your faith is just your certainty on withering philosophy."

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This Poems Story

Most humans possess existential anxiety somewhere in their minds. This fear develops into passive fantasy or active denial. As a result, complete cultural immersion prevails. This includes art, bigotry, faith, greed, militarism, nationalism, and many more aggressive means that appear to deny or escape death. When this aggression conflicts with that of another's, the most common of human suffering occurs. The majority of humans deny death and forsake life.