seven circles of hades

Thirst is in the temples
Heat consuming you
Desire for a gulp of water
Under the frying sun
The only thing that matters
Is a drop of water
All riches of the world
Are in front of you
You can have any
You want to
You can reach your hand
And touch the sky
Or pull the moon
Like a ripe apple and hold it tight
You can board the heavenly boat
And fly away
Crossing the universe to unknown
Or anything your heart desires
There is in a reach
With just one gesture of your hand
But there is only thing you want
A drop of water on your
Chapped burning lips
Your mind is going blank
The only drop of water
Is all you want
But you can’t get it
There is no living water
To be found in the universe
That was devoid of the presence
Of the creator
At the bottom of hades
All riches of the world
Are there for you
To be reached and enjoyed
But the thirst is all consuming sensation
And the water is the only thing
That you lust and desire
If you knew that living water
Is the only thing that matters
You would not seek the gold
And not spent your time
In the frenzy to gain
More and more things
That seemed so important
And so enticing
When actually they are only illusion
And living water is the only thing
That matters

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