Seven Deadly Sins

Our lives were inscribed, woven through Iliad
From the myths of the gods, some good and some bad
The story through folklore, Olympus a paradise above
Romans once shared secrets, whispered forbidden love
Banished from the heavens, Adam and Eve
The serpent who lies, sneaks beneath the tree
A spell that's cast will destroy fate
Shadow's whisper intertwined, drawn towards a gate
The gate is not known, nor has it been seen
A cry of your helplessness, a sacred fear intervenes
Behind the double doors, a pit of darkness appears
Fourteen eyes that glare, can redemption be near?
The cold hands that weave, their fingers cold as ice
A hunger from within, inordinate desire to feed arise
Inability to be satisfied, own abilities are not enough
Possessive approach, covetousness is a form of lust
Thirst deprives, dehydration of humility manifests
Will for salvation, patience ignored vanity is next
Unjustly punishment, wanting justice is not a sin
Where the Philosopher's stone lies
Can mortality of soul win?

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