Sever the Tongue

Speech is the strongest way to communicate.
Words are so powerful.
Adjectives can bring an “Ironman” to his knees.
Verbs have the ability of making a police officer reach to the belt for the unknown.

My lips allow the speech to exit the orifice.
My tongue has a way of twisting words.
My glossa allows words to projectile through the skin.
My lingua moves like a magician casting its wand onto my poor decisions.

Sever the Tongue,
so no words define who I am.
Sever the Tongue,
to make sure it never tricks my movements.
Sever the Tongue,
and allow my new vocabulary to lead.
Sever My Tongue,
I am not a drug addict.

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy, insane, anger, psycho

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This Poems Story

The words that come out of my mouth at times define me. I do not want to be a drug addict or be looked at as a drug addict. Is it possible though?